The answer to the question of why tornadoes happen

The answer to the question of why tornadoes happen

Tornado A tornado is a severe storm that occurs through large clouds.

Between the ground and the cloud mountain, there is a whirling tornado-shaped vortex connected, and it has the power to absorb and destroy all houses, buildings, and trees on the ground.

The type of clouds that can form tornadoes are called Supercells. At a height of about 5,000 feet from the ground, it blew with a very strong wind speed. Hail It also often causes lightning. A lot depends on the temperature to form a tornado.

Hot air expands and rises. The strong temperature causes the air above the ground to rise with a force. Inside the cloud mountain, cold air flows strongly (upward and downward), so the rising hot air moves quickly and makes the base of the cloud mountain moist.

Then, starting from the point where the wind falls, the wind starts to rotate in a vortex. Gradually, the whirlwind began to descend in the shape of an elephant’s trunk. This is called a Mesocyclone. The outer air of the trunk descends and the inner air swirls upwards. Although the wind speed is not steady, it is extremely powerful.

Special attention during a tornado is the swirl of dirt and debris at the base. Most of the injuries were caused by objects thrown from the vortex.

The wind speed inside a tornado is measured using the Fujita Scale. Winds are usually in the 100 mph range, but if they are strong they can gust over 200 miles per hour. Thant Oo for Future Education (Space and Cosmos Tutor) (Courtesy of the original author – bkr)