A sneak peek at our Performance Home Awards

A sneak peek at our Performance Home Awards

We’ve recently wrapped up our debut Execution Home Honors contest and keeping in mind that our appointed authorities have not said something regarding their decisions at the hour of my writing this article, I needed to share a few contemplations about a portion of the striking items that were placed.



While I’m not one of the adjudicators and can’t find out their viewpoints, I was answerable for dealing with the sections thus I was special to see some cool stuff run over my work area.



While a portion of the items submitted are banned until the CEDIA Exhibition career expo in September, there are a lot of current items that merit a whoop. So let me simply share a couple of items that grabbed my attention and provide you with a sample of the items we’ll cover in the following couple of issues of the magazine.

Tracker Douglas Atmosphere

A three-in-one design and brightening conceal that permits mortgage holders to blend normal and fake lighting control, Tracker Douglas Emanation Enlightened Shades characterize another class of concealing items.

Quality Enlightened Shades include a delightful, finished front shade; a room-obscuring liner; furthermore, surrounding enlightenment by means of completely programmable Drove strips.