‘impregnated widow after rape at her house’

Jason Lawrance, who met women on Match.com, is accused of a further seven counts of rape after he was convicted for the same offence three years ago

A convicted sex offender impregnated a widow he met on Match.com after raping her at her home, a court heard.

Jason Lawrance, 54, is accused of raping five women from the dating site or its partner company Dating Direct between 2009 and 2014, to “satisfy a selfish sexual need”.

One woman exchanged intimate messages with Lawrance and invited him to her home.

But today a court heard the defendant claimed he had had a vasectomy and so they didn’t use contraception. He later confessed to the woman that he was “still fertile” and, though she took the morning after pill, she subsequently fell pregnant and had to have an abortion.



“Jason Lawrance deceived her. His deception robbed her of her freedom of choice,” Clive Stockwell QC, prosecuting, told Nottingham Crown Court.

“Her consent was obtained by a deception. That, we submit, is not true consent.”

Lawrance is said to have targeted other women, now aged between 47 and 55, in his car, van, and their own homes.

But the man, who owned a building firm, was previously found guilty in 2016 for raping and assaulting women he met online.

Mr Stockwell told the court more women have since come forward, alleging they too were “exploited by the businessman”.

The jury heard the first of these was a 54-year-old mother who decided to try internet dating after her marriage of 18 years fell apart in 2009.

Mr Stockwell said the pair initially got on well, playing bowls together and going on dates to the pub and a barbecue.



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