Night market to be opened in Bagan

Offi cials are looking for an empty space where they can open a night market in ancient Bagan cultural area for the availability of local products or souvenirs even in the late evening hours, according to the Mandalay City Development Committee(MCDC).

U Min Aung Myint Soe, director of the committee, said: “Offi cials have planned to open a night market since two years ago. They originally planned to open the night market in Bagan market. However, there were inconveniences such as space limitation and restrictions for the traffi c fl ow.”

“The main aim of the night market is to develop tourism industry here as it (the market) will become one more place for tourists to visit, stroll or go shopping even at night. We hope the market will also boost the sale of local products and souvenirs,” he explained.

“At present, Bagan Night Market Implementing Committee has been formed and is searching vacant land space to open a night market. If the committee fi nds a suitable place, the market will be opened as quickly as possible,” said MCDC. “In my opinion, the night market should be opened since previous times. There are night markets in neighbouring countries. If the night market can be opened, job opportunities can be created for the local residents. Foreigners will get a new place to visit here.

Locals can sell traditional products and foodstuffs. There is a new market in New Bagan (Bagan Myothit). I think it will be convenient to open there,” said committee member U Zaw Win Cho of Bagan Night Market Implementing Committee.


March 2020
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